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Consumer Goods Platform

This capability provides everything you need to manage your business and comes with an embedded Salesforce Lightning Platform license included in your subscription.

It includes all aspects of Aforza's data model and future data model enhancements, plus an additional 10 custom objects to support any unique needs for your Aforza implementation.

Subscribers to Aforza's Visit Edition will be able to perform standard visit tasks as detailed in the Aforza Editions Page. They will also have Read-Only access to data showing all previous Orders, Invoices, Inventory, Promotions, Disputes, Products, Product Collateral, Pricing and Assortments.

Offline Mobile

Take your data and processes offline with our purpose built mobile apps for Android and iOS.

Workflows & Approvals

Construct sophisticated processes and approvals using point and click editors.

Reporting & Dashboards

Get real time feedback on business performance across all of your data including visits, sales, and products.

Enterprise Collaboration

Send messages, share files, join groups and collaborate with your colleagues.

Territory Management

Define and manage visit territories.

Routes, Visits, & Tasks

Execute your daily routes and planned visits. Work through your task lists to make sure each visit is completely perfectly.

Audits & Surveys

Capture detailed customer information and check store compliance using configurable surveys and audits.

Requests & Disputes

Manage customer issues, compliance disputes, and technical requests.

Order Capture

Create orders across mobile, telesales and all your other channels.

Pricing & Discounts

Sophisticated discount engines and commercial policies providing penny-perfect pricing for specific outlets.

Assortments & Bundles

Organized collections of products with selective distribution rules defining which outlets are eligible to purchase.

Invoice Generation

Create, print, and distribute invoice documents.

Payments & Collections

Manage payment methods, transactions, and collect direct payments from customers.

Inventory Management

Define inventory buildings and vehicles and automatically manage stock levels.


Schedule and track deliveries and returns.

Product Studio

Design and build your brands and products through intuitive drag and drop studio tools.

Planning Console

Create customized routes and assign visits and tasks to your team. Monitor your team’s performance and deploy changes to their schedule in real time.

Policy Builder

Build sophisticated discount rules, bundles, and commercial policies using point and click tools.

Big Data Engines

Sync all your data and retrieve real time insights directly in your applications.

Recommendation Engines

Recommend and suggest trending products, next best tasks, nearby accounts, and more.

Automation Engines

Start your day with your visits scheduled and orders automatically generated.

Optimization Engines

Optimize your routes and product pricing to increase revenue and improve efficiency.