Tapp’d Cocktails On Track To Become The Largest RTD Brand In The World

Aforza is partnering with the Tapp’d commercial team to drive their sales and distribution towards being the largest RTD brand in the World by 2030.

Company Background & Mission

Tapp’d Cocktails is the fastest growing RTD (Ready To Drink) manufacturer in the UK. They launched in 2019 with a goal to shake up the ready to drink cocktail industry. Since then they have taken the UK by storm and seen great success with their local home delivery service as well as supplying trade partners nationwide.

Their mission is to handcraft the UK’s only mixologist quality ready to drink cocktail range.

Tapp’d Cocktails are proud of their reputation for great customer service and the quality of their drinks. All of their products are developed in collaboration with their industry experts, supply chain partners and loyal customers. They carefully select the finest ingredients including real fruit, ethically sourced coffee, and award-winning spirits to create ready to serve cocktails that taste exceptional and pour perfectly, every time.

Tapp’d Cocktails Core Values:

  • To offer an Exceptional Customer Experience (ECE).

  • To support a partnering ETHOS and are supply chain conscious.

  • To be a considerate employer with a proactive can do attitude.

  • To use sustainable ingredients from local suppliers and seek to work with companies who align to our core values.

Business Ambitions

With ambitious growth plans, Tapp’d Cocktails aspires to be the largest RTD manufacturer in the UK by 2025.

To achieve this, they are focused on:

  • Offering a range of drinks which is available across the entire UK.

  • Delivering the largest and most diverse range of drinks in our industry which continues to evolve and expand.

  • Being an Ambassador to the industry.

  • Seeking and implementing innovation and groundbreaking solutions to support their journey (including Aforza).

  • Becoming the largest RTD brand in the World by 2030.

The Aforza Solution

Tapp'd Cocktails partnered with Aforza to drive their sales and distribution transformation towards being the largest RTD brand in the World by 2030. The Aforza Visits solution addresses all of their challenges out-of-the-box.

  • Connected Route-to-Market with Centralised activity tracking: The Aforza solution connects Tapp'd Cocktail’s planning and field teams together to ensure their go-to-market strategy gets executed in the field. This includes the segments to target, route & visit planning, the tasks to carry out and the customer intelligence to gather.

  • Efficient & Effective Sales Team Productivity with Guide Mobile Experiences: The Aforza mobile app makes it easy for the Tapp'd Cocktails sales team to visit their priority accounts in the On-trade and carry out the right tasks. These tasks include merchandising activities such as competitive analysis and stock audits. The sales team can also create ad-hoc visits and onboard new customers on-the-go. A big differentiator for Tapp'd Cocktails is that the Aforza app works offline. This allows their reps to remain productive, even when they are in a cellar or stock room.

  • Improved Visibility & Reporting: Everything in the Aforza application, whether captured online or in the field, can be reported on in real-time. This allows the Tapp'd Cocktails team to understand what is working and what isn’t, and make immediate changes to strategy when required.

What's Next for Tapp'd Cocktails

Tapp’d Cocktails continue their mission to become the largest RTD brand in the World by 2030. To fuel this mission, they have agreed to partner with another Aforza customer, Molson Coors Ltd, for their distribution.

Molson Coors Ltd is the second largest brewer, manufacturer and distributor in the UK with over 20% market share and a subsidiary of Molson Coors Beverage the world's third largest brewer. With over 200 years of industry experience they have been responsible for marketing and growing some of the worlds most well known and respected brands in our industry.

Tony Plato, Managing Director & Co-Founder of Tapp’d Cocktails said "We are honoured to distribute our cocktails with MCB (UK) LTD which unlocks up to 45,000 On-trade venues across the entire UK for our drinks to now be distributed to. This is the most significant agreement in our trading history and a clear sign of our ambitions and intent in our drinks being made available in the fullness of time across the world."

"On behalf of Tapp’d and our wider community I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our customers and consumers for their support on our business journey and vision in making Tapp’d the most loved RTD cocktail brand in the world."

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