Moersleutel Partner With Aforza To Scale Global Distribution

Aforza is proud to be partnering with Moersleutel to connect planning to execution, drive sales productivity and increase brand distribution.

Customer Background & Mission

Moersleutel is a fast-growing craft brewery based in the Netherlands. Founded in 2016 by four brothers, they brew big, bold and flavorful beers made with the finest ingredients.

Moersleutel beers are regularly rated by experts as some of the best in the world. They include a range of popular beer styles including Motor Oil, their flagship imperial stout, Macaroon Machine, their sweet stout, and Crank the Juice, a Hazy IPA.

The Moersleutel story is an interesting one. The four brothers, who just finished their technical studies, wanted to prove they were better than their dad at everything, but mostly at brewing beer. Their Dad dared them to prove their claim and let them have a go at the small brewery he owned. The brothers were relentless at experimenting with beers until they perfected their craft. That’s the difference between brewers and true Beer Engineers!

Thinking big, Moersleutel now has plans for global coverage and distribution across the world.

Business Challenges

With aggressive growth plans, Moersleutel needed to be able to scale their commercial operations by:

  • Connecting HQ planning to field execution: They need to be able to ensure that their route-to-market strategy and plans are actually executed in the field.

  • Driving sales team productivity: They need to ensure their newly hired sales reps are productive in the field and can execute the right tasks with customers, even when offline.

  • Understanding what’s working in real-time: They need to have the reporting capabilities to understand what’s working in the field and make adjustments when needed.

Aforza Solution

Moersleutel has chosen to partner with Aforza to support their aggressive growth plans. The Aforza Visits solution addresses all of their challenges out-of-the-box.

  • Aforza connects HQ planning to field execution: The Aforza solution connects Moersleutel’s planning and field teams together to ensure their go-to-market strategy gets executed in the field. This includes the segments to target, the tasks to carry out and the customer intelligence to gather.

  • Aforza drives sales team productivity: The Aforza mobile app makes it easy for the Moersleutel sales team to visit their priority accounts and carry out the right tasks. These tasks include merchandising activities such as competitive analysis and stock audits. The sales team can also create ad-hoc visits and onboard new customers on-the-go. A big differentiator for Moersleutel is that the Aforza app works offline. This allows their reps to remain productive, even when they are in a cellar or stock room.

  • Aforza allows you to understand what’s working in real-time: Everything in the Aforza application, whether captured online or in the field, can be reported on in real-time. This allows the Moersleutel team to understand what is working and what isn’t, and make immediate changes to strategy when required.

What's Next

Moersleutel is a fast-growing craft beer company with bold plans for the future. This is exactly why partnering with Aforza is so strategic.

Upcoming plans for Moersleutel include leveraging Aforza’s order capture functionality in the field and B2B Commerce platform. The fact that Aforza supports every channel, with a consistent pricing and promotion engine, is a significant differentiator for Moersleutel.

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