Helping Consumer Goods Companies Sell More & Grow Faster

With Aforza you can easily plan, promote, visit, sell & deliver on every channel. Unlock your revenue potential like never before.

Industry Cloud & Mobile

Aforza provides a suite of industry cloud and mobile applications built specifically to address the needs of the consumer goods industry; across modern, traditional and hybrid trade models.

We connect your trade planning and field sales teams together in real-time to solve the problems of unprofitable promotions, declining market share and lack of revenue growth.

The Aforza solution works out-of-the-box, so you can start using it right away without any complicated setup, training or technical experience.

Connect Planning to Execution

Aforza closes the loop between Planning and Execution with end-to-end capabilities that help you to Plan, Visit, Sell and Deliver in Real-time.

Aforza Plan
For Planners, Sales Leaders & Key Account Managers who need TPM or Route Planning
Aforza Visit
For Merchandisers who need to visit stores and do mobile surveys & audits; online or offline
Aforza Sell
For Sellers who need mobile retail execution & order capture with penny-perfect pricing
Aforza Deliver
For Van Sales Teams or Drivers who need to deliver, sell, collect payments & issue invoices

Trusted by the Most Innovative Organisations

Customer success is our top priority, and we are proud to be trusted by companies around the world; including leading breweries, food & beverage manufacturers, consumer healthcare companies and major distributors.

Built on Salesforce and Google

The trusted technology giants that power the Aforza online and offline mobile applications, our suite of pricing & segmentation engines and our AI-driven recommendations.

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