WOW Tech Optimises Trade Investment with Aforza TPM

Customer Mission

WOW Tech Group was founded in 2018 with the coming together of two industry leaders in the consumer health industry, Womanizer Group Management GmbH from Germany and Standard Innovation Corporation from Canada.

Their stated mission is to be the premier provider of sexual health and wellness products that enable people all over the world to increase the satisfaction of their personal and sexual well-being.

WOW Tech at-a-glance:
  • Global presence, HQ’d in Berlin with offices in Hong Kong & Ottawa.

  • Six brands used by over three million customers worldwide.

  • Manufacturing based in China with warehouses around the globe.

  • WOW Tech products are sold at thousands of retail stores and online shops in over 60 countries around the world, including via their own eCommerce stores.

  • A diverse workforce spanning 20 countries in Europe, Asia & North America.

Commercial Objectives

WOW Tech is looking to cement its position as the global market leader in Consumer Personal Health by digitally transforming its Trade Marketing & Promotion Activities with Aforza across its global sales teams.

With an initial focus on B2B retailers and distribution customers, WOW Tech is addressing the challenge of scale by introducing a structured approach and common processes to Trade Marketing and Promotion Investments.

The customer and distributor network spans over 60 countries and thousands of retailers, serving over three million end customers. To meet the challenges of their growth targets, WOW Tech is seeking to drive a global strategy whilst keeping a local & regional execution to meet the needs of partners across their markets.. 

Currently, WOW Tech takes a manual approach to Business Planning and Trade Marketing & Promotions using a combination of Excel and Email to support the approvals and track progress. This approach makes control and decision making difficult and cannot support the growth ambitions of the company. Disconnected spreadsheets makes performance analysis extremely time-consuming and prone to errors when trying to understand Promotions that are actively running and crucially their effectiveness and ROI.

“The Aforza solution will allow WOW Tech to gain control of our Promotion Planning and Execution cycles. It will allow us to maximise the impact of our Sales teams, reduce administration, eliminate errors and optimise our overall trade investment. The ability to drive a consistent approach to our Trade Promotion Investment with real-time performance feedback was a critical requirement for WOW Tech.”

Jochen Michaelis, Head of EMEA stated.

Challenges Faced by WOW Tech

1. Account Management & Customer Planning

WOW Tech wants to implement effective discounting by allowing Key Account Managers (KAMs) to easily set up and manage account plans, set sales targets across various KPIs and perform joint business planning with retailers.

2. Promotion Planning

WOW Tech is seeking to reduce promotion planning admin time and costs for Sales, taking it from hours down to minutes.

3. Promotion Execution & Settlement

In order to get real-time visibility into promotion performance, WOW Tech will use analytics to track promotion effectiveness in real-time.

4. Funds Management

WOW Tech is seeking to eliminate inefficient funding by introducing accrual-based fund models

5. Trade Spend Performance Analysis & Reporting

WOW Tech wants to eliminate unprofitable promotions and optimise total trade spend with real-time performance analytics, allowing the in-flight tuning of promotions.

6. Customer Segmentation

To increase trade spend efficiency WOW Tech wants to introduce sophisticated and flexible customer segmentation that reacts in real-time to changes in customer attributes such as margin contribution.

The Aforza Solution

To meet the challenges described, WOW Tech selected Aforza’s Enterprise Edition. The Aforza solution will be rolled out across a rapid ‘discovery-to-live’ implementation cycle in just 12 weeks.

Phase1 will see the configuration and rollout of core Trade Promotion Management capabilities, including:

  • Products, Commercial Policies & Pricing

  • Trade Promotions

  • Account Plans

  • Budgets & Funds

  • Baselines

  • Visits & Routes

  • Surveys & Audits

  • Dynamic Customer Segmentation

  • Analytics: Dashboards & Reports

It will also include integration to WOW Tech’s ERP system of choice, Netsuite.

What's Next for WOW Tech?

The initial focus for WOW Tech is to drive operational efficiency and improved accuracy by introducing a common TPM platform, common standards and eliminating the use of spreadsheets. This will deliver an integrated commercial planning process and will coordinate marketing and sales activity globally.

The next step will allow WOW Tech to deliver data-driven Trade Marketing & Promotion execution with real-time optimisation to increase ROI, brand value and category growth. Amongst other benefits, this will deliver the ability to create deeper consistency of global and regional promotional strategy and increased value for both WOW Tech and its Customers.

Interested to Learn More?

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