Introducing the Aforza Consumer Goods KPI Index

We are very excited to share Aforza's Consumer Goods KPI Index. There has never been a more important time to track, review and understand every aspect of business performance in real-time, which starts by knowing exactly what to measure.

This can be an overwhelming challenge for any business and as transformation experts in the Consumer Goods industry, we are continually asked to share our experience in this area.

The index is based on Aforza’s out-of-the-box reporting KPIs and continually enhanced following our experiences of working with Consumer Goods companies around the world. The KPIs are structured around the following 9 business domains and for each we share the metric definition, target outcomes, KPI formula, and out-of-the-box screenshots:

1. Margin Protection

2. Segmentation

3. Visit

4. Sell

5. Deliver

6. Promotions

7. Compliance & Regulations

8. Commercial Planning

9. User Adoption

We hope you find this index valuable and that you are able to leverage these metrics across your business. With record levels of inflation, supply chain bottlenecks, ever rising regulations and rapidly evolving consumer expectations, it has never been more important to ensure that you have the controls in place to confidently execute your sales strategy, and that your revenue carrying workforce is empowered to succeed.

We look forward to helping you understand every metric you need to run your business and grow revenues like never before.

How to Navigate the KPI Index

Before using the Consumer Goods KPI Index, it is important you understand the way it has been structured and how to navigate it. There are 5 levels to the Index:

  • Business Domain: the area of the business you are focused on.
  • Target Outcomes: these are the outcomes you are looking to drive within this domain.
  • Key Performance Indicator (KPI): a measurable value that demonstrates how effectively you are achieving this target outcome.
  • KPI Report: a summary of the data that supports the calculation of this KPI.
  • Decision Dashboard: a collection of related KPIs that support business decisions by persona, strategy, category or channel.

How to Use the KPI Index

  1. Start by going to the table of contents on pages 3 – 7 and selecting your business domain.

  2. Identify the Key Performance Indicator (KPI) you would like to measure and drilldown on it.

  3. On the KPI detail page, review its definition, supporting formulas and calculation reports.

  4. Understand the target outcomes that this KPI measures.

  5. Bring the KPI to life with a visual showcase of Aforza’s out-of-the-box Decision Dashboard.

Read the Aforza Consumer Goods KPI Index Now

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